The Med Rep is a community of sales reps built by sales reps.  We have walked in your shoes as independent medical representatives for quite some time. It's in those years that we have had our successes and failures through which we have gained valuable experience. We have been through many of the scenarios that you have probably experienced from vendors that don't pay to partners not fulfilling expectations. It was from these many frustrations that we made the decision to create The Med Rep.



The Med Rep is a community of medical sales professionals working together to restore integrity, value, and sustainability back into the Independent medical space.  This space, though filled with opportunity, is riddled with corruption, misrepresentation, and disorganization. Our mission, simply put, is to clean this mess up!


GOT Flu?

Help the CDC's initiative to cut the over prescription of antibiotics by 50% by 2020.  Deliver the RPP in-office testing program to your physicians  allowing them the ability to prescribe with confidence.  In-office, PCR based, RPP Testing tests for 14 Viral & Bacterial markers, delivering reliable point of care results, significant billable revenue, and a remarkable patient experience.



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